Limited Pre-Sale

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Whitelist exclusive period: until Dec 1, 12:00 GMT
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Before you contribute

Please note: max. 9,000,000 HEAL tokens will be distributed after the contribution period ends for 1,250 HEAL/ETH price.
Do NOT contribute from an exchange, only send ETH funds from your own wallet, where you control the private keys.

After 3,600 ETH soft cap is reached, the contribution period will be closed in 120 hours.
In the event that the 7,200 ETH hard cap is reached, the contribution period will close immediately!

Contribution terms


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By contributing to the pre-sale you will receive a much better price. During this period you can get +25% HEAL tokens for the same amount of ETH compared to normal sale.

You can also double your HODLER reward (200% bonus compared to normal sale). Learn more about the HODLER reward here:
The whitelist is closed, but you can sign up here,
to save your spot on Open Pre-Sale (Dec 1):