The $7.6 Trillion Healthcare Industry's
New Operating System

Improving the lives of 1 billion people
by making healthcare transparent

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3,551 community members

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Current state

We are currently focused on migrating our working healthcare service
comparison portal to the blockchain.

141,858 lines of code
2.5+ million visits per year
420,000 care providers
Brazil -
Hungary -


Healthcare expenditure grows by $300 billion every year

Healthcare is 10x bigger than the global hotel industry

Priceline Group ( made $10.64 billion last year in revenue, by selling accommodations online.

Their current share price is above $1,850.

Medical tourism is a $90 billion industry

According to Oxford Economics and Visa, medical tourism is predicted to become a $540 billion industry by 2025 with 25% CAGR.


Healthcare is broken: cost increases, politics

“I had my right hip replaced in 2008 at a clinic in Utah and the total fees to the insurance company were $28,000.

I had my second hip resurfaced in Colorado in 2010 and the total fees to the insurance company were close to $78,000.

I have had several friends do the Belgium clinic for hip replacements and they have had good results.

My belief is that politics and money are the biggest barrier to our healthcare system which worries me if the government (which is all about politics and money) is allowed to control the system.”

RW Richards, Boulder, USA


Unnecessary deaths to inefficiencies

Eg. Increased participation in colon cancer screenings alone could lead to 21,000 saved lives every year in the US alone.


Etheal ecosystem

Etheal apps

Medical tourism

According to Oxford Economics and Visa, medical tourism is predicted to become a $540 billion industry by 2025 with 25% CAGR.

This is the strongest short-term growth driver for the Etheal ecosystem.

Big Pharma Surveys
and Ads

For every $1 that pharmaceutical companies spend on “basic research,” $19 goes toward marketing and promotion
which is fueling a $27 billion medical marketing industry in the USA alone.

This is why we chose this application to create right after medical tourism.

Global research recruitment and advertising will be 100% automated and easy to purchase for pharmaceutical clients.

AI-driven chatbot

For physicians: helps to manage practice

For patients: reminder to get regular medical screenings

Your very own Etheal

New applications will be easy to develop and deploy on the Etheal platform.

A dedicated fund will be used to reward developers in proportion to the number of users they serve.

Borderless healthcare

Perfect timing:


An increasing amount of insurance plans will cover treatment procedures performed abroad.


Cloud storage, the blockchain and rapid improvement in machine translations provide the technological environment necessary for automation and rapid scaling.


Due to proliferation of budget airlines, affordable travel is more accessible than ever before.


Personal control of data is increasing demand by our generation. Meanwhile, the digital nomad movement proves that it's easier than ever before in history to live anywhere in the world.

Medical tourism

According to Oxford Economics and Visa, medical tourism is predicted to become a $540 billion industry by 2025.

Why blockchain?

With the blockchain, we can instantly resolve our most difficult scaling and automation challenges.

Incentivization Solution:

  • Easy to reward ecosystem contributors
  • Charlie Munger says that in building a business the most fundamental thing is getting incentives right
“I think I've been in the top 5% of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I've underestimated it.”

Cross Border Payment System:

  • time tested way of moving funds regardless of physical borders


  • low-cost
  • quick

Founded on fully automated, transparent contracts

  • Easy to scale on top of it
  • Transparent


We already have 2,500,000 people using our site every year.
With this Token Sale you can take part in our expansion,
and help to build the Etheal Platform.

Heal token

What is the heal token?
Fuel of the Etheal platform.
Did you know?

Etheal comes from
the word “eithel”, which
means “well” in Sindarin.

What does a dedicated token provide?
  • Fixed supply defined in a cryptographically binding smart contract.
  • An internal token which can be used as a dedicated method to access discounted services.
  • Fair initial distribution, and balanced long-term incentives to reward those, who use and contribute to the ecosystem.
  • To gather a community, which believes in a future with better healthcare.
  • Help us move from our current traction stage to the fully automated and open health platform.
Token vesting
  • Founders and team members are fully vested for 4 years (with a one year cliff)
  • Advisors are vested for 6 months (with a three month cliff)
Ecosystem incentivization
  • Incentivize developers in 10 strategic areas, based on the amount of active users their applications have.
Proceeds of token sale
  • The proceeds of token sale are intended to use as payment for legal counsel, development, marketing and ecosystem growth.
What can HEAL tokens be used for?
  • Internal payment for services (eg. featured spots for doctor profiles in search results)
  • Cross border payment for medical services
  • Patients incentivized for contributing to the ecosystem
  • Purchasing research participation (by big-pharma companies)
What does Etheal plan to do to grow demand for Heal token?
  • We will hide the complexity of buying a crypto token by planning our own fiat-Ḫ exchange and partnering with existing exchanges.
  • HEAL tokens will be the exclusive currency for payment and incentivization within the Etheal platform.
  • The more people use Etheal the higher the demand is projected to grow.
  • The more countries we expand to the higher the demand is projected to grow.
How can users buy the token?
  • Participation in token sale rounds.
  • Purchase on exchange or use shapeshift.
  • Proprietary fiat conversion platform (under planning, the team has experience in building a functional fiat exchange)
Token spec
  • ERC20 proper utility token (Howey test score = 20)
  • Token name: HEAL
  • Symbol: Ḫ (Unicode character U+1E2A, HTML entity Ḫ)
  • Max supply: 100,000,000 HEAL
  • Max digit: 18
Token Sale Round One (current)
42,500,000 HEAL 9M pre-sale (current)
20M normal sale (~ jan-feb of 2018)
12M HODL&referral reward
1.5M bounties
Token Sale Round Two (~2018)
9,000,000 HEAL

After reaching Milestone #2 described in whitepaper section 5.4

Token Sale Round Three (~2019)
5,000,000 HEAL

After reaching Milestone #3 described in whitepaper section 5.4

  • Founders: 6,500,000 HEAL (fully vested for 4 years with a one year cliff)
  • Team and Advisors: 14,000,000 HEAL
    (team has same the vesting as founders, advisors have 6 months vesting with a three month cliff)
  • Community fund: 20,000,000 HEAL
Token Sale One

The token sale is 100% handled by a verified and public smart contract.


Tokens sold: maximum 9,000,000 HEAL

Fix token price: 1 ETH = 1250 Ḫ token (guaranteed +25% bonus compared to normal sale!)

Min contribution: 0.1 ETH

Duration: max 2 weeks

Min. cap: 333 ETH
If this milestone is not reached, all funds will be refunded.

Soft cap: 3,600 ETH
Sale ends +120H after the soft cap or deadline is reached

Hard cap: 7,200 ETH
reaching the hard cap ends the sale immediately

Normal Sale

Tokens sold: 20,000,000 HEAL

Duration: max 4 weeks

Min contribution: 0.1 ETH

Soft cap: 20,000 ETH
Sale ends +120H after the soft cap or deadline is reached.
Price when reaching soft cap: 1 ETH = 1000 Ḫ token

Hard cap: 66,667 ETH
reaching the hard cap ends the sale immediately

Heal token price

Max gas price: 100 Gwei (whale jump protection: sending funds with more than 100 Gwei results in calculating your stake on 80% value)

Min contribution: 0.1 ETH

Early bird bonus structure for normal sale:

  • Your stake = sum(bonusi x your transferi)
    We calculate your stake by summarizing all of your transfers increased by a bonus at the time of receiving the fund.
  • Your tokens = 20,000,000Ḫ x sum(bonusi x your transferi) / sum(bonusj x transferj)
    At the end of the sale you will receive HEAL tokens, the amount of which is based on the ratio of your stake to the total stakes.
Referral reward
  • We have set aside 2M HEAL tokens to award those, who help to build the Etheal community in its early days.
  • Every whitelist applicant will get a personalized referral link, and they will get 5% bonus after every contribution using that link, plus each contributor will also get an additional 1% bonus for using a referral link.
  • Example: One of your friends signs up for whitelist using your referral link, and buys 10,000 HEAL tokens during pre-sale. You will get an additional 5% * 10,000 = 500 HEAL tokens, plus your friend will get 1% * 10,000 = 100 bonus tokens.
  • Remaining referral reward HEAL tokens will go to the HODLER reward fund lot 9 months.
Hodler reward
  • In-depth explanation article on
  • To keep prices stable in the early months we use extensive vesting for founders, team and advisors, and we reward those who HODL.
  • Keep tokens intact (can’t move any portion of it) on your wallet for 3/6/9 months after the normal sale has ended, and a 10M HEAL token HODLER reward will be distributed in total among pre-sale and sale HODLERs in the ratio of their intact stakes to the total amount.
  • During pre-sale you get Double HODLER reward stake (200% compared to normal sale). Eg. you buy 1000 HEAL tokens during pre-sale, you get 2000 HEAL token stake within HODLER reward.
    HODLER lot 3 months: 1,000,000 HEAL
    HODLER lot 6 months: 2,000,000 HEAL
    HODLER lot 9 months: 7,000,000 HEAL

Early investors

Jozsef Dorcsinecz
Early Investor, Serial Entrepreneur

Co-founded one of the biggest accomodation websites in CEE region, which he successfully existed and won Deloitte. Tech Fast 50 award. Forbes listed his exit as one of the biggest of 2015 in Hungary.

Jozsef is an active angel and real estate investor.

Jozsef is passionate about positively affecting the lives of millions through emerging technologies. This is why he was the first to back Etheal.

Zoltan Varga
Early Investor, Serial Entrepreneur

Top influencer within tourism industry ( He has built and exited a company selling $56.7M in services per year with 100+ employees.

Zoltan wanted to retire at age 34, but couldn’t stay in comfort, so he started new companies. He is an active investor eager to have a positive impact.

This is why he is excited to invest in Etheal and disrupt medical tourism.


Golden & Silver Effies (Oscar of Advertising Effectiveness)
(CEE Regional #1 place)
Dr. Mihaly Kertesz
Co-Founder, Operations

Miami Ad School New York alumni, also Golden Effie Awards winner (the Oscar of Advertising Effectiveness). 10 years spent in the veterinary medicine and clinical research world.

Wanted to improve more than 1 life at a time, so he moved from healthcare to work as CMO on meaningful projects.

When he realized the impact he can have by advertisement is limited, he dreamt up to improve 1B people’s life by improving healthcare using his interdisciplinary skill and experience.

Regularly lectures in the biggest economics and communications universities in Budapest (Corvinus University and Metropolitan University) and a speaker in communication conferences.

Viktor Tabori
Co-Founder, CTO

Cyberpunk, hacker, polymath. At the age of 16 he wrote and designed his first turned-based strategy online game played by thousands of fans, which featured an ingame dynamic stock-market, and a complex Sybil-attack defense modul.

Viktor was a core member of organizers in the infant days of Hacktivity, the biggest IT Security Convention in CEE region.

He was the tech lead of full-refactoring and conversion-rate optimization of (CEE accommodation service) codebase, which resulted in 2259% increase in revenue between 2009 and 2013, and ultimately resulted in winning Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award in CEE region twice.

Advocate of Empowerment, impatient against injustice in Healthcare.

Laszlo Marai
Tech Lead

Full stack mobile & web engineer with 15 years of experience, serial entrepreneur, founder of 2 startups. Laszlo is a veteran Tech Lead and Engineering Coach (5/5 rating based on 127 reviews).

Laszlo was a Research Engineer at Nokia for 6 years, where he worked together with Adam Back. When Adam explained Hashcash and Proof-of-Work to Laszlo in-person, Laszlo got hooked on the idea of crypto-based decentralization.

Laszlo is an advocate of empowerment, equality and inclusion.

Levente Toth
Senior Backend Developer

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Senior Backend Developer contractor. Seasoned high-availability and high-security backend system engineer and developer.

Former platform engineer at BBC. Responsible for Etheal platform design.

Gabriel Cseri
Senior Frontend Developer

Expert in SEO and UX friendly frontend development. Gabor is a drone pilot by day, and he is obsessed with coding beautiful, seamless as helpful digital experiences by night.

Gabor firmly believes that there is always room to tweak usability, and he is fascinated to improve lives by using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Dorina Pardi

Best website of the year award winner, and communication architect for the World's first Classical Music Talent TV Show with rapid progression to 100k Facebook Community.

Janka Bauer
Experience Designer

Passionate about visual communication, designer of world-wide exhibition franchise (The Champion Interactive Exhibition), avid motion designer.

Benjamin Benko

Interdisciplinary growth hacker, CRM expert. Benjamin has improved ROI-based communications for international companies like Vodafone and Schibsted Classified Media Hungary (the whole group has 330M monthly visits globally). He also shocked everyone by doubling the number of enrolled students in a year for McDaniel College Budapest.

Barnabas Debreczeni
Blockchain Technology Advisor

Miner of the Ethereum genesis block. Technology mastermind behind the first Bitcoin ATM in Budapest and MrCoin online exchange. Crypto and finance maniac, writing code since 5, has deep expertise in FX and trading algorithms. Co-Founder of the Hungarian Bitcoin Association. Former Global CTO of TerraCycle Inc.

Dr. Gyorgy Cseh
Compliance and Asset Management Advisor

Bitcoin entrepreneur, seasoned asset manager with decades of experience. Ex-CEO of CIB Investment Fund, where he managed a portfolio of USD 1.5 billion. COO of MrCoin bitcoin exchange. He invests heavily in moving the crypto ecosystem forward.

Dr. Zoltan Toth
Legal Advisor

Business lawyer educated in Los Angeles and Budapest.

Having 15 years of experience on the fields of international investments and corporate transactions.

True believer of online innovations, enthusiastic consultant of startup operations, and brave venturer into cryptoland.

Currently advising multiple crypto startup operations and managing his own investments.

Prof. Dr. Tibor Bartha
Advisor of Research and High-profile University Relations

Harvard Medical School alumnus, Professor of Physiology, Vice-rector of University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest.

Marcell Toth
Senior Account Manager, Negotiation Trainer, Sales Coach @ Google

Frequent lecturer and trainer at Google and top-tier universities.

In Mountain View, California he developed an AI-based sales recommendation system with a small team of 9.

Never missed a sales target in his whole career. At Google he oversees sales operations with tens of millions of usd impact per year.

Roland Biro
Operations Advisor

Co-founded and built up one of the most dominant networks of price comparison websites in CEE, which he eventually sold to Naspers (multinational media group owning shares in Tencent, and Facebook).

Currently Head of Product at the most innovative job portal in Europe.

Norbert Lesko
Tech Advisor

Creator and CEO of MiniCRM platform, which is currently a main CRM partner of Deutsche Telekom, the biggest telecommunication network in Europe. Crypto and security geek, who in the past two decades have lead large groups of software engineers.