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Using AI to show the best medical treatment, in any country.
For you and your family.

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Working product

4 years of operation

Team Experience

Dr. Mihaly Kertesz Dr. Mihaly Kertesz Miami Ad School
Viktor Tabori Viktor Tabori Stanford University
David Orban David Orban Singularity University
Tibor Bartha Prof. Dr. Tibor Bartha Harvard Medical School


Signed contracts &
premium partners

$100B+ market, 25% YOY growth

According to


Stanford Private Pitch Competition
Palo Alto
The leader of Stanford Crypto Hub invited Etheal to pitch to FBG Captial, Co-Founder of Binance, Accel, Sequoia and Greylock.
World Blockchain Forum
Biggest blockchain conference ever in the world with 4500+ attendees.
World Crypto Economic Forum
San Francisco
Dr. Mihaly Kertesz spoke on the highly selective healthcare panel with the founders of Well and
BEF 2018 Singapore
Half of the crowd had to stand as the conference ran out of chairs at our speech.
Blockchain Week London
The 6-day event with Hackathon, Conference and Workshops.
Crypto Finance Conference
St. Moritz
Viktor (co-founder of Etheal) had a presentation in St. Moritz where Julian Hosp (co-founder of TenX) and Kathleen Breitbat (co-founder of Tezos) also presented about the future of Crypto.
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Amsterdam has the highest number of Crypto Hedge Funds.
Blockchain Budapest
Blockchain conference with 752 attendees.
WBC Summit Moscow
Speaking in front of 700 participants from 30 countries. Organized by IDACB, the most prominent international crypto association in the world.
Crypto Funding Summit LA
Los Angeles
The 2-day conference was held in Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the largest convention centers in the world.
San Francisco
Dr. Mihaly Kertesz closed the 2-day program where and Berley also presented.
Unlock Blockchain Dubai
Viktor talked about the future of healthcare and blockchain at the healthcare panel with the founders of Medicalchain and MedXes.
CES Las Vegas
Las Vegas
CES is the single biggest annual convention on the Earth. Etheal won the 2nd place at the blockchain competition.
Coinagenda Las Vegas
Las Vegas
Dr. Mihaly Kertesz presented after Miko Matsumura, Michael Terpin and Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia.
d10e Bucharest
Biggest d10e conference: Viktor and Mihaly had speech after Ruslan, co-founder of Taas and Mike Costache
d10e Ljubljana
D10E is founded by Brock Pierce, the founder of Blockchain Capital. Etheal won the audience award with their pitch in Ljubljana.
Etheal #1 official meetup
First Official Etheal meetup with 40+ participants.
Biggest Blockchain conference in Hungary with 800+ attendees.


The global private healthcare is about to be shaken by the Hungarian Etheal

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Using its own cryptocurrency a Hungarian startup aims to disrupt the global medical tourism market

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With an innovative idea that might really get popular, Etheal seems like a safe bet for investment.

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The beauty behind the etheal ecosystem is its infinite potential to scale into various healthcare sectors

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“Your ICO rating is spectacular.”

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8.5 / 10

“TOP Health ICO”

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“...we evaluate risks for investors as low.”

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Building the decentralized
Yelp of Medical Tourism

  • Hungary

    dental tourism alone is

    $300 million

  • Thailand

    medical tourism is

    $4.7 billion

  • south korea

    transplantation surgeries

    $760 million

    All in all:
    Medical tourism
    is skyrocketing, already a
    $100B market according to
    Visa and Oxford Economics

    Trust is missing

    Founders’ experience
    in online healthcare

    Tremendous success with our centralized
    solution we build in the last 4 years: 2.5M visits / year

    Now we take it to the next level
    with the global power of blockchain.

    How Etheal works?

    How Etheal works?

    Benefits to patiens

    • 40-60% less expensive care
    • Short or no waiting times
    • Global database of trusted care providers

    Benefits to doctors

    • No listing fees, just pay for leads from abroad
    • No centralized entitiy can delete hard-earned reviews
    • Doctors can focus on healing, not on marketing



    Transform Group, CoinAgendaLinkedIN

    Michael Terpin is founder and CEO of Transform Group International, whose divisions include Transform PR, a global public relations firm that has served more than 200 clients in the blockchain field and helped launch 65 ICO’s, including Augur, Ethereum, Gnosis, Qtum and WAX; CoinAgenda, an event series for cryptocurrency investors, and Transform Strategies, the company’s advisory division.

    His path is a logical evolution from his investing experience in blockchain space since early 2013, when he co-founded BitAngels.

    Singularity University,
    Network Society VenturesLinkedIN

    Serial entrepreneur for 20 years, book author, venture capitalist and avid blockchain investor living in the USA, Milan and London.

    David is creating a vision and analytical tools to allow individuals, enterprises and the society at large to deal positively with the unstoppable transformation to a world based on decentralized exponential technologies that are disrupting the traditional centralized and hierarchical functions of governments and corporations.

    Advisor of Research and High-profile
    University RelationsLinkedIN

    Harvard Medical School alumnus, Professor of Physiology, Vice-rector of University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest.

    Financial AdvisorLinkedIN

    Finance Minister of Hungary (2009-2010).

    Former managing partner of BIG4 firms in the CEE.

    Founder and CEO of OXO Ventures and OXO Labs, an accelerator and VC investor group active in CEE and the European markets. Manages close to EUR 100 million assets and over 20 portfolio companies including pre-ICO and ICO projects.

    Asia Business Relations AdvisorLinkedIN

    Harold was the Client Services manager for 80+ investment banks at HSBC, a $2.5+ trillion bank. He is on the Board of Advisors at INS Ecosystem, NapoleonX and Naga Coin! Harold is from Korea and he is responsible for Asian business relations.

    Business Relations AdvisorLinkedIN

    Previous GM of HP Software, CEO Polivec, President Finjan, EVP Akana, Executive Sun Microsystems, ICO Advisor, Board Member. Executive for 5 public companies, 3 of them were private when he joined. Currently ICO advisor to several ICOs like,,,, BlockSafe.

    Business Strategy AdvisorLinkedIN

    Advisor for Safex, Safe Haven​,​ Project​ ​Aslan​ and Taskfair and the Head of Business Development and Content for YouTube channel Altcoin Buzz. Over 10 years of work experience with core strengths in Business Development and Marketing Strategy combined with a legal background.

    German Business Relations AdvisorLinkedIN

    Founder at German Blockchain Federal Association, where he serves as head of the political advisory board, and he is also managing partner at Ewald & Rössing.

    Marcus has a deep experience in crisis prevention, crisis managmenet and lobbying.

    His company has served big and trusted brands, including among others Allianz, Axa, Opel and Zeiss.

    Compliance and Asset Management AdvisorLinkedIN

    Bitcoin entrepreneur, seasoned asset manager with decades of experience. Ex-CEO of CIB Investment Fund, where he managed a portfolio of USD 1.5 billion. COO of MrCoin bitcoin exchange. He invests heavily in moving the crypto ecosystem forward.

    Legal AdvisorLinkedIN

    Business lawyer educated in Los Angeles and Budapest.

    Having 15 years of experience on the fields of international investments and corporate transactions.

    True believer of online innovations, enthusiastic consultant of startup operations, and brave venturer into cryptoland.

    Currently advising multiple crypto startup operations and managing his own investments.

    Blockchain Technology AdvisorLinkedIN

    Miner of the Ethereum genesis block. Technology mastermind behind the first Bitcoin ATM in Budapest and MrCoin online exchange. Crypto and finance maniac, writing code since 5, has deep expertise in FX and trading algorithms. Co-Founder of the Hungarian Bitcoin Association. Former Global CTO of TerraCycle Inc.

    Senior Account Manager, Negotiation Trainer,
    Sales Coach @ GoogleLinkedIN

    Frequent lecturer and trainer at Google and top-tier universities.

    In Mountain View, California he developed an AI-based sales recommendation system with a small team of 9.

    Never missed a sales target in his whole career. At Google he oversees sales operations with tens of millions of usd impact per year.

    Tech AdvisorLinkedIN

    Creator and CEO of MiniCRM platform, which is currently a main CRM partner of Deutsche Telekom, the biggest telecommunication network in Europe. Crypto and security geek, who in the past two decades have lead large groups of software engineers.

    Operations AdvisorLinkedIN

    Co-founded and built up one of the most dominant networks of price comparison websites in CEE, which he eventually sold to Naspers (multinational media group owning shares in Tencent, and Facebook).

    Currently Head of Product at the most innovative job portal in Europe.

    Core Team

    Co-Founder, OperationsLinkedIN

    Miami Ad School New York alumni, also Golden Effie Awards winner (the Oscar of Advertising Effectiveness). 10 years spent in the veterinary medicine and clinical research world.

    Wanted to improve more than 1 life at a time, so he moved from healthcare to work as CMO on meaningful projects.

    When he realized the impact he can have by advertisement is limited, he dreamt up to improve 1B people’s life by improving healthcare using his interdisciplinary skill and experience.

    Regularly lectures in the biggest economics and communications universities in Budapest (Corvinus University and Metropolitan University) and a speaker in communication conferences.

    Co-Founder, CTOLinkedIN

    Viktor is the Head of International Relations at Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation, and Director and official Representative of Hungary at Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

    Viktor is a guest lecturer about smart contract development and security at top universities (eg. UCI and Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and independent blockchain labs.

    He was the tech lead of full-refactoring and conversion-rate optimization of (CEE accommodation service) codebase, which resulted in 2259% increase in revenue between 2009 and 2013, and ultimately resulted in winning Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award in CEE region twice.

    Advocate of Empowerment, impatient against injustice in Healthcare.

    Tech LeadLinkedIN

    Full stack mobile & web engineer with 15 years of experience, serial entrepreneur, founder of 2 startups. Laszlo is a veteran Tech Lead and Engineering Coach (5/5 rating based on 127 reviews).

    Laszlo was a Research Engineer at Nokia for 6 years, where he worked together with Adam Back. When Adam explained Hashcash and Proof-of-Work to Laszlo in-person, Laszlo got hooked on the idea of crypto-based decentralization.

    Laszlo is an advocate of empowerment, equality and inclusion.

    Senior Backend DeveloperLinkedIN

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Senior Backend Developer contractor. Seasoned high-availability and high-security backend system engineer and developer.

    Former platform engineer at BBC. Responsible for Etheal platform design.

    International RelationsLinkedIN

    Ina-Alice Kopp has a double degree in International Management and Sinology as well as a decade of experience in the Eastern and Western Entertainment Markets.

    Ina speaks 7 languages including Mandarin Chinese and is responsible for International Relations and Business Development at Etheal.

    Best website of the year award winner, and communication architect for the World's first Classical Music Talent TV Show with rapid progression to 100k Facebook Community.
    Experience DesignerLinkedIN
    Passionate about visual communication, designer of world-wide exhibition franchise (The Champion Interactive Exhibition), avid motion designer.
    Interdisciplinary growth hacker, CRM expert. Benjamin has improved ROI-based communications for international companies like Vodafone and Schibsted Classified Media Hungary (the whole group has 330M monthly visits globally). He also shocked everyone by doubling the number of enrolled students in a year for McDaniel College Budapest.

    Heal token

    Token spec

    • ERC20 proper utility token (Howey test score = 20)
    • Token name: HEAL
    • Symbol: Ḫ (Unicode character U+1E2A, HTML entity Ḫ)
    • Max supply: 92,000,000 HEAL
    • Max digit: 18

    Current Token Sale

    $10M Hard Cap

    • Founders and Team: 17,500,000 HEAL (fully vested for 3 years, 1 year cliff)
    • Advisors: 3,000,000 HEAL (6 months vesting, 3 months cliff)
    • Community: 20,000,000 HEAL

    Token sale

    Main sale

    Hard cap: $10M

    Base price: 600 HEAL / ETH

    Duration: max 4 weeks

    Min contribution: 0.1 ETH

    Soft cap: 4.8M USD

    Hard cap: 10M USD
    reaching the hard cap ends the sale immediately

    Min contribution: 0.1 ETH

    Early bird bonus structure for normal sale

    Hodler reward

    To keep prices stable in the early months we use extensive vesting for founders, team and advisors, and we reward those who HODL.

    Keep tokens intact (can’t move any portion of it) on your wallet for 3/6/9 months after the normal sale has ended, and a 20M HEAL token HODLER reward will be distributed in total among pre-sale and sale HODLERs in the ratio of their intact stakes to the total amount.

    HODLER lot 3 months: 1,000,000 HEAL
    HODLER lot 6 months: 2,000,000 HEAL
    HODLER lot 9 months: 17,000,000 HEAL

    In-depth explanation article on

    Only for pre- and main sale participants.

    Referral reward

    We have set aside 2M HEAL tokens to award those, who help to build the Etheal community in its early days.

    Every whitelist applicant will get a personalized referral link, and they will get 5% bonus after every contribution using that link, plus each contributor will also get an additional 1% bonus for using a referral link.

    Example: One of your friends signs up for whitelist using your referral link, and buys 10,000 HEAL tokens during pre-sale. You will get an
    additional 5% * 10,000 = 500 HEAL tokens, plus your friend will get 1% * 10,000 = 100 bonus tokens.

    Remaining referral reward HEAL tokens will go to the HODLER reward fund lot 9 months.

    1. Profile validation: it’s always free to get listed on Etheal /, but if doctors would like to validate their profile, they have to stake HEAL tokens.
    2. Internal currency for frictionless payment between patients and doctors for discounted services.
    3. Doctors can pay for leads (inquires of patients from abroad).
    4. Microincentivization: patients can receive HEAL tokens if they write high quality reviews.
    5. Proof of stake for moderation: a community member can higher rights of moderation if she has a reputable account history and stakes more HEAL tokens.

    Only on during the main sale which will start in March.

    • To gather a community, which believes in a future with better healthcare.
    • An internal token which can be used as a dedicated method to access discounted services.
    • Fair initial distribution, and balanced long-term incentives to reward those, who use and contribute to the ecosystem.
    • Help us move from our current traction stage to the fully automated and open health platform.
    • Fixed supply defined in a cryptographically binding smart contract.

    Partner clinics


    Smart contract

    Smart contract might be updated or changed to enhance platform efficiency.

    Let's talk